Intimate alarm clock: From my alarm clock to our alarm clock

Day-tide is a social alarm clock that reinvents the experience of waking up in the morning. It allows users to be awake by hearing recorded sounds from other people.

This project started with my research about presence. The research was a way to find an answer to the question: How can we share the atmosphere of the remote person and places? Also, seeking the situation in our daily life that we can use the concept of telepresence practically was a crucial point.

Flip it to send your daily sound to sharers' alarm clock

The purpose of this project is changing the experience of a morning, from a passive morning to a morning one can look forward to. To get closer to the topic, I focused on the alarm sound, which is the first sense of a day that we experience. The experience of listening to the alarm sound plays an important role to change the experiences of starting of a day. One of the main goals of this project is redesigning the morning experience by the change of transition between sleeping and awake status using the sound of an alarm clock that people want to hear.

Daytide is composed with an alarm device and mobile application. One uses the mobile app to find and match with sharer, and alarm device to record and receive the sound.

Overview of Daytide mobile application

Following up on the questions: What is the sound that people want to hear? The sound that we For this, I chose to make a platform to match people to wake each other up. Each user records sounds in their daily life and sends it to the sharer's alarm clock to wake others up. In this way, users can use it like a normal mobile alarm clock, but it also allows them to share their alarm clock with others.

Sharers can record and receive their alarm sound with devices

When a user sets the alarm clock through the Daytide mobile application, the application matches people who sleep and wake up at the same time. Throughout the day, the users record sound with the alarm clock device to send to sharers and then turns it upside down right before going to bed. The next morning at the set time, alarm device plays a sound sent by the sharer from yesterday. With this process, When users share an alarm clock with acquaintances of them, they can feel like they slept in the same space as your acquaintance. Also, when sharing alarm sounds with random people, users can wake up with a fresh, new sound every single morning.

User flow of Daytide mobile application

BA Interaction design project - Korea National University of Arts

Concept build, Product design/prototype, Mobile application design/prototype