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Ciceron helps people to overcome language barrier by providing accessible and effective translation platform

Login-Stoa(Feed)-Order detail pages of Ciceron mobile application

One of the biggest challenges in designing translation services is making users trust the translation results, as the clients cannot confirm the quality of translation by themselves. We mainly focused on raising the trust level of translation results by the improvement of platform system and user interface. In this manner, we especially took care of designing specific communication materials between clients and translators.

Overview of Ciceron mobile application screens

We designed the matching of clients and translators to happen in the opened platform. Registered translators could check all the orders and they can choose orders which fit best with their skills, specialty, and situation. Also, by allowing exposing orders of other users, we expected to settle prices.

Ciceron web: Registering for Ciceron translator/ Ciceron App: Open order feed

The standing point for the client side was to design a transparent monitor system of their order so that they can track the status of their request anytime. Also, for the order page, we provided more specific pages where the clients could explain the context of the translation in detail. This makes the translators understand more specifically about the order, plus, in the end, it also relates to the feeling of trust of clients.

Overview of Ciceron web page screens

For the translators, we focused on text editing interface which makes them comfortable to translate texts, not only on the desktop but also on the mobile environment. With this feature, we expected translators to be able to work on their tasks anywhere and anytime.

Detailed order information on Ciceron mobile app

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